Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 15 on my Ishbel

I have been working on my Ishbel pretty steadily now and finally have gotten to the Lace part A.  I am AMAZED when I go to the Ravelry website and find knitters who have completed their shawls in two days!  I have let other things get in my way;  but now that I am at the lace section and it is getting exciting!  I have spent way too many hours with the Ravelry site and have seen everyone else's accomplishments with this Ishbel pattern.  I am so inspired!  Coming to the lace knitting now is starting to show the beauty of this pattern.  Right now, I am knitting and watching Oprah with Julia Roberts discussing Eat Pray Love movie.  How fun is that in the middle of the afternoon!

Creativity is about reaching down deep and doing what we love.  Spending time with knitting needles is relaxing and very grounding for me.  Right now it is definitely what I love and need to do.  Life is about expression.  Expression through words, art, fiber, paint and so much more.  There is a huge community of knitters, each finding their own forms of self expression.  Through patterns, designing, fibers, color choices and knitting styles we are seeing the community of knitting continue to grow.  Knitting stores are popping up all over, knitting blogs are the norm and I am so excited to see the renewal of knitting again.

I look forward to watching my Ishbel grow and hopefully soon I can add my picture to my Ravelry site as completed...along with  the many talented knitters I have been following. I thank them for  inspiring me to be a better knitter.   The pressure is on :)