Monday, October 3, 2011


What a special group of friends!

I have just returned from four days in the Outer Banks! 
Four days spent with my amazing group of 
No we are not the sisterhood of the traveling pants, 
We are just friends who have been together for a very long time.
We share a love for singing alto together, 
(we are the rowdy back row altos!)
We share a love for the Lord,
we share a love of creating together, 
we share a love for each other,
 and we have endured life's journey together. 
That is what a SISTA is.
Girls who you can truly be yourself around,
wear no make up around,
watch movies in your jammies together,
eat out and have fun together,
have little girl play time together,
sing together to oldies music,
take long walks on the beach together,
laugh together,
cry together,
or just sit together quietly, not saying a word.
We console each other when one loses a precious parent,
each one of us has experienced that,
and we were there for each other.

This weekend was a time of rest, fellowship, 
renewal and creativity!
I had recently gotten a Zutter Binder and we all
made journals.  I wanted everyone to be able
to take a keepsake home with them.
Just imagine, two large tables in the cottage,
filled with papers, glue, yarn, book stuff everywhere!
We were all is the creative zone!
You know that place where amazing things happen.

Everyone was able to create a book for themselves,
some did one, some did more.
How fun that was!
Here are the ones I made . . . I love them!

It was a weekend of fun and fellowship,
yummy snacks, eating out at fabulous OBX places
 and just being together.
Restoring friendships
and loving each other.
How blessed I am to have such a group!
I hope that you can think of your own group of Sistas.
I leave you with my morning view from the deck
each morning in Corolla, 
it was simply