Monday, September 17, 2012

Little Red Boots

My Little Red Boots

Well it all started with Pinterest!
I created a Donna Lee's Wishlist Board
there they were
Red boots from the Sundance Catalog
Oh how I wanted them,
drooled over them,
kept returning to the catalog,
looked at others,
but nothing took their place!

One day my hubby said
"Why don't you order them?"
It didn't take me long to call
and they were in within a week.
I am just a happy little girl.

I love them,
I can't believe they are
finally mine.
Isn't it amazing how something
wonderful can make us feel
so alive and new?

Can't wait to pack in my suitcase
and wear at Squam By the Sea!
Now I need a cute jean skirt
to go along with them,
the list is never ending.

I am giddy over them,
happy to get them,
love my hubby for his
generous gift,
Me and my Little Red Boots!
How happy we will be!