Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The importance of writing ... putting thoughts to page.

My Traveler notebook

When I ask myself
"Why do I Write?"
The answer always seems to be,
"Because it is a part of me"

I can remember as a little girl
having diaries, and writing in them,
filling them with drawings and little stories
or whatever treasure I wanted to remember.
I also thought that little tiny key that locked it,
kept my thoughts a secret
and no one else would ever read it!
That was pretty true for me,
I don't have any memories of my brother or sister,
or even my parents reading my personal thoughts
and teasing me!  I was lucky!

Writing to me each day is like
food for the soul.
Anything might be on my mind, and I 
feel the need to write about it!
I want to remember the small
thought nuggets that pass through my mind,
I don't want to forget their importance!

I am especially pleased with my Midori Traveler
YES it does seem to be all the craze on Instagram lately,
I love mine, truly
and with each passing day,
it grows and grows with
words, sketches, thoughts, dreams, poems
and so much more.
HERE is a link if you are interested in one!
I carry it everywhere I go,
and whenever there is a free moment,
it is usually open ... being written into.

Putting collage and words together

Turning 60 entry!

Words are important,
thoughts are life ...
How I love to go back through my written posts
and see where I was in the past,
see how I was feeling on a particular day,

I wonder do you keep a journal of any kind?
Is writing important to you?
Do you have a daily writing practice?
I would love to hear how having a
writing practice impacts your own life.

I guess that is why I continue with my blog,
it is more for me than anyone else!
I started my Blog March of 2010,
WOW over seven years of sharing
my life's journey.
There are times spaces of time
pass by and I feel I need a break from writing,
or that I have nothing to share,
but here I am today
going strong!

I encourage you to begin a journal,
write your heart thoughts down onto the page.
Your mind and heart definitely have
something to say,
take the time to listen ... you will hear!

This is the last week of summer,
it all flew by so quickly.
I must admit, I love Fall ...
it is my favorite time of the year.
Time to get into a routine,
create some woven tapestry
and write a few poems!

Love always
donna Lee