Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cerulean Blue

I recently took a Poetry Workshop 
with the Poetry Society of Virginia
with the amazing Daniel Pravda
a Professor from Norfolk State University
on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

We shared poems and lunch together, 
analyzed and broke down poetry,
shared our interpretations and insights
along the way.

He then gave us a poetry prompt
to write about an object that we can relate to
that will bring the reader in about the object
for me it was a tube of watercolor paint
Cerulean Blue
it just seemed right.

So this artist (slash poet) would like to 
share her words with you today . . . 

Cerulean Blue

This dried up tube of paint
still sits upon her art table
covered in dried up smudges
no more life to squeeze from within
Every ounce of color poured out
from it's crumpled little body
Now only showing the letters
U and E and C
Beautiful paintings of skies and clouds
found it's way from this tube
to the painter's palette
to the empty canvas

Cerulean Blue  . . .
bright and magical
soothing and calming
such a feeling of serene
It's color will exist here
upon the canvas
hanging in beauty for
the eyes to behold
Long after this tube of
Cerulean Blue
has been thrown away into the can

(poem inspired by Daniel Pravda Poetry Workshop)