Friday, June 15, 2012

My 100 day poetry adventure

I have always loved this watercolor of mine!

I am going to be not as present on my blog
for the next few months
I'll still be around just not as active with
regular postings.
Why you ask me????

I just wanted to share with you my latest adventure!
I have created another blog, but this one is different.
It is my very own poetry journey.
I will be writing and sharing my own works.

You can find me here:

I have taken so many wonderful e-courses
this past year on writing and poetry, 
so the idea of having a book with my own poetry
and my photography has been sticking with me.
In fact the thought just doesn't go away!

I thought about publishing it through Blurb or Shutterfly,
two companies I have used in the past.
I wanted something more substantial.
I just couldn't ignore the inner messages
that kept coming from my own heart!
Then recently after reading a book entitled
by Nina Amir 
I decided to create a blog
with just my poetry and photographs.
As summer was approaching, 
I thought this was a perfect time to slow down,
develop a regular writing practice
and perhaps a blog was the way to accomplish this.

Then the idea of 100 days came to me,
this will be certainly be a discipline for me.
I am excited about creating
a daily poetry writing practice.
I think starting it at the beginning of summer
and 100 days later it will be the beginning of fall
is sounding like magic timing for me!
When I am finished, I will have
100 pages of poetry and photos!

So please stop by for a visit within
the next 100 days!
I hope I can grant you a small bit
of inspiration in your day.

I promise to still keep you up to date here
at Gentle Threads with my
creative adventures
So much to do . . . oh so little time

Wishing you blessings and love
Donna Lee