Thursday, December 18, 2014

Season Beauty

Williamsburg Beauty

It is such a wondrous time of year!
Every one of us can say we are way to busy,
we have so much to do,
our lists keep getting longer not shorter,
there are so many gatherings to attend,
we are a bit more stressed than normal,
and that we we will truly 
"never get it all done"
and forget getting anything creative done right now!!!

Yet there is so much magic and beauty
all around us
if only we will take a look and see!

I wanted so much to let this be 
the holiday that I didn't stress to get it all done,
that I slowed down to bake the cookies,
that I stepped lightly through it all,
that I enjoy my grandchildren,
wrap the presents
and watch every holiday
Hallmark movie
I could!
So far ... so good!

I think I've done that
and with a strangely sense of calm.
I am just writing to remind you
that YOU CAN control how you act,
how you feel and how rushed you choose to be.
Each holiday is truly made of
the effort you put into it!
Return to self, return to calm,
return to simplicity.
Let your holiday season be
one that is filled with accomplishments,
love for one another,
and a sense of wonder.

Enjoy the little things ...
hot chocolate ... hot apple cider,
24 hour holiday music channels,
smiles you receive from others,
decorations you pull out of the attic every year,
gaudy holiday lights in your neighborhood,
cards in the mail from friends and family,
ornaments on your tree that bring back fond memories,
Christmas Eve traditions,
making homemade gifts
and oh so much more ....

Christmas time in Edenton, NC

For me it will be celebrating my life
with two precious grandchildren!
Loving my family to overflowing,
having time off to enjoy and soak it all in.
Truly recognizing how blessed it all is!

My little Annabelle and Grayson

I wish you peace and joy
I wish you health
I wish you a happy heart
I wish you creativity in whatever form that is for you
I wish you a happy point of view
I wish you joy ... for it is truly a gift

Happy Holiday Season
from me to you!

With love and gratitude,
Donna Lee