Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poetry Thursday

Returning home
Here I stand . . . 
My grandfather built this walkway
Such a sense of connection

I recently took a trip to New Jersey
on the Amtrak
(my first train ride ever)
to visit my family
and connect with special friends.

It would have been my daddy's
82nd birthday
on May 19th
and I wanted, I needed 
to feel close to him.
So I went to his home town
in Little Ferry, New Jersey.
I spent precious time with my
remaining family,
laughing, giggling, taking pictures,
remembering special times.
I took a walk to
my Nanny and Pop Pop's house
on Henches Place.
So many feelings rushed to my heart
I was grateful to be there
at that exact moment
remembering what was.
I knew this was one of those life moments . . .

Life Moments

they come when you least expect them
times in your life
when you know
you just know
this is a special time

a time that is unlike any other
a time you know you will never forget
a time when your heart races
a time when you feel your
heart pounding outside of your chest
I call them life moments

my heart stood still at the house
on Henches Place
that still small voice inside
spoke to me
quietly saying
you are here
thank you for coming
we love you here
little Zeppieri girl
you came home
just once more
never forget
this very special 
life moment

Thank you Jennifer Belthoff
for a beautiful weekend
and delivering me to my family
that very special
Sunday morn.