Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's the Simple Things


I did just return from a precious weekend
at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
now celebrating 
41 years!
I have been coming for over 20 years
and each year I take away something new
that I have learned.

This year the idea of Simplicity
kept coming to mind
for it is truly the simple things
that matter,
that are sweet,
that keep us wanting less not more.

I am always reminded here at the festival,
that doing things for the joy of it,
is important to the soul.
Obviously the shepherds think this way,
for they are truly living a simpler life,
taking care of their flock,
living humbly
and loving their animals.

The weaver is enjoying the yarn that is produced
from these precious animals,
the spinners love to take the time
to spin their own yarns, 
(not buy them from a yarn manufacturer)
to create works of sincere beauty.
The artists love to produce beauty
in their handcrafted art,
the dulcimer music I hear playing
 is reminding me of softer times,
taking the time to appreciate the good in life,
even in playing a handcrafted dulcimer.

There is so much here at the festival
to remind me
to just slow down
appreciate the simple things in life,
put the cell phone away,
create with my hands,
wear something hand knit by me,
that took gentle slow hours to create.

I have returned home with a freshness,
lots of precious treasures,
and heirloom tomato plants
I can't wait to plant in the garden.
I am grateful that I get to travel
to this festival every year,
it is a tradition for me,
it is a soulful renewal for my spirit.

Here are a few pics to share ....

Booths full of yarn treasures!
Spinning right from the Angora Bunny! 
My favorite booth of all ... Kiparoo Farm!
Yarn Bombing was everywhere! 
Sheep to Shawl Competition!
My favorite time is seeing the sheep in the barns! 
How I love to watch little ones with the animals!
Just taking it all in!
Fiber Heaven!