Wednesday, July 6, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Eleven / In the Garden

My pomegranate just starting to turn red

This week's prompt was to go out into our backyards or community gardens or city parks and look around for nature's first harvest.  I knew I wanted to immediately go to my pomegranate tree!  I know it is not ready to pick yet, but watching the fruits harvest is exciting to me.  Each year the tree grows older, the more fruit it bears.  It starts out in early spring with the most vibrant orange blossoms and from that the pomegranate begins to form, the blossom will slowly disappear, it is so beautiful beyond words!

The flower blossom

I love this tree and it was given to me by a very special friend of mine when we had to put our precious labrador to sleep.  It was just a tiny little sprig when we planted it and has now grown into a full fruit producing tree.  I won't say it has been easy keeping it healthy, it is temperamental and requires much grooming and pruning to keep it healthy.  It does give me much joy every season! How we take the beauty of nature for granted, we count on the same beauty over and over again, season after season as that is the way it should be.  I consider this tree to be a constant in my life, something I truly count on.

Life is a lot like that isn't it?  We take things for granted, we have to nurture things to keep them going, we produce more knowledge and wisdom as we grow older, we produce more fruit!  With age comes wisdom, experience and heart knowledge.  I like the phase of life I am in now, it is truly beautiful!  I want to keep growing, learning and experiencing all this life has to offer.  I know that I still need a lot of pruning along the way!! Wow . . . all this heart thought from a pretty little pomegranate tree!

 And sometimes you get a double treat

May this week bring you renewal, happiness and all good things.  Look for the beauty in nature, it is certainly out there and don't take it for granted.  Not for one moment!  Look for a way to grow from inside out this week, challenge yourself!  It can be done . . . you are special . . . yes YOU!
Sending you love
Donna Lee