Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Way We View Life . . .

The view from here

Life is such a beautiful thing!
Filled with love, family, incredible experiences,
hurts and disappointments,
resentments, broken relationships,
lessons learned, wishes granted,
broken promises, goals attained,
beautiful friendships,
blessing after blessing,
meaningful conversations
and so much more!
I've merely touched the surface

I have learned that it truly is
all about how we perceive what is right in front of us,
how we see things,
how we absorb what is happening
and how we react to things.
No two people view life with the same way.
Each of us carries a different perspective or point of view.
How many times have you seen something
so beautifully and someone you know
sees it as a negative or bother?

Standing right in front of me ... my friend chose not to see!

As a Tapestry Weaver,
I am constantly taught to slow myself down,
to think "what if" as I'm at the loom.
I try to see my weaving from a close perspective.
Perhaps that is why I view life the way I do.
I love viewing the world around me,
my eyes are truly WIDE open.
Everything becomes a photographic moment for me!
I love taking image after image,
because I know somewhere or somehow
they will show up again and be used in a blog post
or a card or something!

So I leave you with this thought ...
I would love for you to look at your own life
with a total open heart.
Look at the wonderful possibility,
don't see the negative hinderances.
See the beauty in all things
when if at all possible.
See the beauty of that last little rose bud,
still thriving and blooming;
rather than the empty thorns and dried up leaves
that are present on the same bush!
It's all there I promise you!

Especially with the significance of this day
for our nation, September 11th.
Here we are 15 years later,
each American still healing in there own way.
There are so many lessons we have learned as a nation
after all this time.
Each of us carrying our own perspectives.
May we truly never forget this day in history, NEVER!

May your week be filled with joy,
your days filled with promise and  possibility,
and your heart be free to love!

Donna Lee