Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Living the Woven Life

Threads are a part of my daily life

I have just finished a one year position
as part of the Mirrix Looms
Social Marketing team.
I must say it was quite an honor to work
with Claudia and Elena.
An extroidinary Mother and Daughter team.
I learned a lot about marketing,
social media and how to even use a new
blog software called Hubspot.
Everything in life is a learning experience,
is it not?

I wanted my last blog post for them
to be one that was heartfelt.
I believe I accomplished that ...
I entitled the post
"Living the Woven Life"
and I spoke about how it is to be
a Tapestry Weaver today,
what it involves
and how it is to live a life
creatively each and every day.
How to slow down and
truly enjoy the weaving process.
For me, it is a gift to have returned
to this art form, and I am grateful.
Rather than state it all here
I would love for you to visit their site
and read it,
even if you aren't a Tapestry Weaver,
I do believe you will enjoy the read
and apply the thoughts to other parts of your life.
You can find the post HERE . . .

My handwoven pouch giveaway 

I wanted to do something special for Mirrix Looms
and I created this handwoven pouch necklace
and wrote two blog posts about how it was
designed, created and woven.
At the end of this month,
a lucky winner will get this pouch,
full of love and inspiration tucked inside.
In a previous blog post of mine,
I wrote about the joy of giving to others ...
you can read HERE ...

It's certainly been a heartfelt week for my family and I.
I lost my precious Father n Law,
who suffered from ALS with strength and dignity.
 Emotions are flying right now,
and trying to put into words how I feel can't be done.

How important it is to live your life well,
to be content with where you are at this moment,
to treat others with consideration, love and respect.
I promise you can't go wrong if you do.

I am hoping that your week is filled with good things,
and happiness finds you at every corner.

Donna Lee