Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Enjoying a time out

A cup of homemade hot cocoa in my mug from Anthropologie!

Snow Day

Life just gives us treats when
we least expect it.
How I love a snow storm!
I love hearing about it on the news,
preparing for it
and waiting for it to arrive!
Yes ... I am one of the sillies
that has to run to the grocery store too.

How beautiful it is when snowfall begins,
there is such a quiet stillness,
a slowing down of routine.
With each snowflake falling
onto the ground,
it presents a sense of magic and awe.
The world outside becomes quiet and restful.

We are always so busy
in our day to day lives;
even when we try to slow down,
it doesn't always work.
The gift of unexpected snow,
a day home from work or routine,
its such a treat for me.
How I love being home whenever I can.

 I love being in my home
snuggled with the fire and family,
resting in the moment,
not able to run around town,
just staying put at home
can be a wonderful time.
Being snowed in forces us to slow down
enjoy what is right in front of us.

Always happy to wear my boots!

I was able to enjoy a day
of writing, beading, cleaning my home,
I re-arranged and created a writing corner for me,
I prepared for my next Zentangle® class,
and had a hot candlelight bath in the middle of the afternoon
(practicing some self care too!)
I love cooking a delicious meal
that I normally don't have the time to do,
it was a most beautiful Tuesday!

Time for a nature mandala!

Grateful for a snow day
Loving the time I took to slow my body rhythm down,
happy to be safe and warm
always seeking moments for
art and writing.
My snow day was amazing,
how was yours?

Donna Lee