Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Blessings

Peace Love and Joy
Christmas Blessings to you!

I am not able to send each one of you a christmas card so I decided to send you my christmas love and wishes.  I hope that your holiday will be filled with much love, happiness and hope for new beginnings as this year slowly ends.  May all your dreams come true and I hope that you will be surrounded by family and friends, as it should be.
It has been such a wonderful journey, this little blog of mine, and I am enjoying every minute of it.  How wonderful it is to be able to speak from the heart and have it received with open and like-minded friends.  I am so rich to call you friends and the blessing has been all mine.  Isn't the power of words simply amazing?  You truly are a gift to me, 
I wish you love, peace, inner joy, strength, confidence, faith, quiet time, blissfulness, good health, a quiet mind and a creative life! 
                                                                            Donna Lee




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas has come to my studio!

Blissful Creative girlie
Creating Christmas Card Love!

The season is filled with all the things we have to do . . . send out the cards, hours and hours of shopping for just the right gift . . . baking those yummy cookies (we only pull out of our recipe boxes once a year) . . . christmas rehearsals and programs . . . wrapping presents . . . attending parties . . . decorating our homes and our offices . . . making those last minute handmade gifts for someone special . . . private gift giving time with our precious and treasured girlfriends . . . the list is never ending!  Let's not also forget the wonderful christmas movies that are playing on the television we don't want to miss!!!!  I know for me, I manage to pull it all together, it looks effortless when you get right down to it, but the amount of energy and effort it took to get there was overwhelming!!
This year I have a new addition to my studio . . . her name is Blissful.  I found her at Pier One Imports while shopping for my store decorations.  I think it is an earring/jewelry holder.  I found the perfect white wings ornament, the perfect red glitter bow for her waist , added some yummy red lights and there she was!!!
Meet my inspiration girlie 
Is she not smoochy and adorable???   I know I will keep her and keep re-decorating her during the year.  My painting table is right beside her and I get tickled inside just looking at her while I am working.  We all need something like that to gaze at and make us happy while creating.  I know it's the lights wrapped around her giving me happy joy.

She is a reminder to me each day I enter my studio of how I want this season to be.  Happy and joyous, creative and inspired, loving and gentle, whimsical and carefree.
I want to enjoy the experience of getting to Christmas Day and enjoying all the blessings that come along with the holiday.
 I don't want to rush through it to get through it!

I have been reading my many girlfriends blogs lately and we are all on the same wave length!  We are also thinking about what our new creative year will be like.  Some girls giving thought provoking questions as to where we will be and what we want to accomplish.  I was especially touched by my friend Lisa's post from where she wanted us to think about our Dreams, Goals and Wishes, thank you Lisa!  Great words for all of us.

This season I am grateful for the connectedness of girlfriends and how they have inspired me through their written words and their beautiful artwork.    I wish you a season of faith and love, peace and gentleness, precious time with family, love and happiness, creative inspirations, time to rest and restore, self care and most importantly . . .  the gift of inner peace.  Merry Christmas to all of you!  This has been a year of tremendous creative growth for me, stepping out of the box and enjoying the process of it all!!  Thank you for being there with me.

 I can't wait to see where 2011 leads, God willing.