Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Artful Spirit number three ...

Just capturing a photo moment

Each and every time Suzan and I
create another 
Artful Spirit Workshop
I am thrilled beyond measure
at the results of it all!

I have to say "pinch me please"
for the experience.
Yes there is so much pre-planning
to get to this point,
but so worth the effort put in to it!

I get so excited to see a student
who thinks they can't do it,
actually playing with art,
no judgement, no one better than the other,
no planning
just fun and happy play . . .
magic begins to happen!
 The student who walked in that morning
is not the same when they walked out
carrying their bag full of goodies
and art stuff

Here are some of my moments collected
from this past Saturday's workshop ...
happy creative moments
were had by all! 
I obviously can't post them all!

Beginning with painted papers
Just starting the first creative exercise
Had to click a pic of me and my daughter n law Lauren
Hilary taking a shot for Instagram
Yes ... Instagram ... sharing painted papers
Shelly beginning her soulful collage
Marty just beginning to find special images for her collage 
These collages took a lot of thought and time to work through
Lunch in the restaurant with a view overlooking the Chesapeake Bay
My Best Friend in Life for over 33 years!  Her first Artful Spirit
Did anyone need a paintbrush? 
Playing with watercolors and affirmations 
Heather carefully playing with her watercolors
(Happy Birthday girl)
Love seeing all the concentration happening here 
Sharing our work together 
A Taste of Zentangle
Four tangles taught ... different perspectives
Bright colors and words EVERYWHERE
Coming together to admire our work and take lots of pictures
Collage work complete ... beautiful!

Demonstration of a Zentangle tile
Having fun with rubber cement and images
Simplicity is a state of mind
Elementary Art Teacher hard at play
Toni concentrating and wearing Suzan's art shirt 

YES I would say fun was had by all!
 We are planning these events
and each and every time
we try to come up with new and exciting workshops!
Come on along and join us won't you!

Next one will be April 5, 2014
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel
9:00 am to 5:00pm
see you there!