Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On Becoming a Grandmommy . . .

My precious Annabelle Lily Wynn

How did I know my life would change
in the blink of her birth?
You hear the news about a baby coming into your life,
wait for quite awhile to see her growing
inside her mommy's belly,
you get the call that "It's time"
you wait anxiously at the hospital
with other family members
and then
you hear the precious lullaby song
playing on the loud speaker!
An overwhelming sense of happiness showers you
and that moment
when you get to hold her in your arms
for the very first time ... WOW

October 4, 2014

Well my precious girl is over 7 months old now
and our lives have changed truly
for the better.

So many beautiful moments to treasure,
and seeing her develop
and become more aware of her world,
communicate and smile
is beyond any words to describe it.
She is cautious, beautiful, a thinker,
intentional and bright.
She is seeing the world and
truly taking it all in right now!

I have found way deep within myself
a love I didn't know was even there
or that I was capable of giving,
but it is there, trust me.
How I love the name "Grandmommy"

I can't wait to see her walking and talking,
and running to her Grandmommy!
I can't wait to teach her all the things
I want her to learn from me.
For now, we will just dabble with
some paints and brushes
and see what we come up with!