Saturday, February 5, 2011

Woven Dreams

This week I was able to create some handwoven eye pillows for a local yoga shop.  I am about to begin selling my work to Peace Love and Balance, a very wonderful place to represent my work!   I have been giving these pillows away to loved ones and friends for quite some time, selling them seems different to me. So I am listening to the encouragement of friends and I am stepping out there! I weave the fabric from hand-dyed cottons and actually weave the fabric on my loom.  I fill them with natural flax seeds and lavender.  I entitled them "Woven Dreams" because it expressed what they were created for; woven with much love and care, and some dreaming sprinkled in to assist along the peaceful path.

Woven Dreams

I have been a weaver for as long as I can remember . . . I love the interlacing of color and texture to create beautiful cloth.  I love sitting at my loom bench in the quiet rhythm of throwing my shuttle and beating in each thread to create woven cloth.  In fact, the name of my blog is entitled Gentle Threads and has come to represent so much more than just my weaving life!!

I feel that I walk the gentle path everyday of my life and there are so many life threads intermingled that create my own life . . . God, family, true friendship, work, art, writing, yoga, love, surrender, experiences and inspirations.  All these aspects of my life are interwoven together and mixed in with so much love, joy, self searching, life experiences, faith, dancing, music and dreaming! So how fitting that I would create woven dreams eye pillows.

I have been learning so much about dreaming this year from my Mondo Beyondo course . . . setting life goals and reaching for the stars.  I have dreams of my future and where it will all lead.   I am slowly seeing the path unfold.  I find it all  to be exciting, motivating and a little scary!  So I am going to leave you today with an affirmation from my Mondo Beyondo course.  I am following an example from my sweet friend Lisa Potoczak Gonzalez, of Happy Mama, for displaying and receiving the message.  Love to you Lisa!  You inspire me in so many ways.

This dream will carry you!

It has truly been an exhausting week!  Being able to sit down and express myself through word and thought always seems to ground me. I am soon approaching one year for having my blog and what an incredible experience it has been for me.  I was so nervous and didn't have a clue of how to create a blog, let alone keep it going.   Thank you for being here, thank you for your support and I wish you all the love and dreaming you can fill your own life with!  I look forward to beginning my second year.