Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Thoughts and Words . . .

studio inspiration dressed for the new year

new year thoughts:
take time to play, nurture friendships, find time for quiet, be still, be creative, worship more, say words with intention, find self-care moments, knit, paint your toes red, wear funky shoes, take delicious naps, journal your thoughts, pick up a paintbrush, write more letters, rest, eat yummy foods, be healthy, take care, love those in need, be blissful, be grateful for family, watch tv carefully, read good books, explore new horizons, try french cooking, take a risk, meditate on good things, try yoga, walk by the ocean, take candlelit baths, listen within, leap forward, be sincere, wake up, be in control of your destiny,
do something you have never done before!

my first 2011 creation

new year words:
bliss create adore friendship artistic tribe dream positive intention quiet anticipation
grow love courage possibility muse trust try brave dream playful wish namaste gift
ideas yield nourish ritual expand awaken experience cultivate awareness
breathe faith connect soar calm possibility divine believe bloom inspire
offer permission amazing journey

it's going to be a year filled with wonder and incredible experiences
don't miss an opportunity
hope something hear has spoken to you
it comes from the heart

wishing you peace in 2011
painting my toes red