Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's been a little while

My Heart Talisman
Photo taken in Providence, RI

Well I must say it has been a little awhile since I've been here.
This girl needed a break from her blog!
So much has been going on since I took my hiatus . . .

I have written a lot of poetry,
taught a lot of Zentangle classes,
rebuilt my hot yoga practice,
worked on creating my own Mandala style,
got a new MacBook I have been getting used to,
held another Artful Spirit gathering,
I've worked on my book beginning
while finishing up my e-course
with Christine Mason Miller
(a must do experience!!),
I took another session of
Sketchbook Skool,
and have fallen in love
with sketching and watercolor!
I am observing the world all around me.
I participated in another gathering of
Love Notes Project,
I attended the amazing
Squam in the City,
in Providence, RI,
and was able to reconnect with
amazing and precious friends,
I cut my work week
down to three days a week

but most important of all ...

My second grandchild was born,
Grayson Blake Wynn!

So my life is amazingly and wonderfully full!
Being a Grandmom really rocks!
I have so much I want to share with Annabelle and Grayson.

I think I have my hands full!

With fall comes a time to slow down,
appreciate the season change, 
it is truly my favorite time of year.
I gave to myself the gift of quiet,
the act of slowing down as much as I could,
putting the computer aside,
I cut out as much as I could
and concentrated on living more simply.
I am restored and life is still full.

What I did miss was writing on my blog,
sharing my thoughts and life moments,
my artistic adventures ...
it is good to be home again,
it just feels right.
I've learned so much blogging ...
I have gone back to my beginning posts
and read all the way through,
WOW I have written and experienced so much.
Thanks for being here with me my friend
Donna Lee