Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Journaled Thoughts . . .

I am a Journaler ... how I love this tender and safe place
I am a Writer ... recording my thoughts and dreams
I am a Poet ... sharing my words with others
I am a Seeker ... always searching for growth and deeper understanding
I am a Dreamer ... thinking of "What If's"

Writing comes so naturally to me,
it's as natural as breathing.
I love to go back through my journals
and re-read my thoughts from time to time.
It says a lot about me and where I was
in that moment in time.
Words are powerful
Words are sincere

Here's my most recent journal entry,
writing about what I love so very much . . .
Tapestry Weaving
happy to share my heartfelt words with you!

I am a Weaver
I am a Dreamer
Seeking quiet amidst the storms
My Spirit is Meditative
I am calmed and soothed
With each thread that is passed
Over, Under and Over again
Seeking deeper into a state of contentment
Weaving, Creating, 
I'm found in the Moment

As always I wish you peace and love,
strength during those tough times,
faith to get you through,
friendships that are everlasting,
and creative moments
to allow your heart to soar!

Donna Lee