Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Heading to Squam by the Sea

The sunrise view from my room last time

I am so excited to be heading
to Squam by the Sea
this week.

I have been so ready for this
for quite awhile now.
My bags are packed,
the art supplies are
 my camera is packed 
and ready to capture
unforgettable moments.

Squam is a time to rediscover
it is a time to reconnect 
with special friends
and make new
connections along the way.
My heart and my soul
are ready for what lies ahead.

My first Squam experience was
after I had just lost my mother.
I was afraid and unsure of myself
 I didn't know anyone
but one person.
It didn't take long for everyone
to embrace me
and I grew as a person
and as an artist that year.
I still carry memories of that
first Squam experience
and cherish the friendships
today that were made there.

I am grateful to be able to attend
this amazing event
I never want to take it for granted
I will be missing a few friends
who won't be there this year
my heart is already missing you

So off I go . . .
to the Outer Banks
eager and ready
to experience my art, 
to fill my creative self
and to find new things along the way.
I promise to share and have
lots of photos when I return.
Incredible moments are
just waiting for me
to come and receive.

I wish you a week of 
peace and beauty
until I return home.