Monday, November 21, 2016

Being Creative on a Sunday!

Marbling on 300lb watercolor paper

I love Sundays!
What a beautiful day I had yesterday.
Church service then lunch with my sweet family!
Any time I can spend with my kids is special!

We went from 72 degrees on Saturday,
to the 40's today
and last night it dropped to the 30's!
So I was definitely in the mood to stay home,
get creative and nest a little bit.

First thing I did was pull out my spinning wheel.
I have been the lucky owner of a 
Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel for quite awhile.
I must say it has sat looking pretty
in my living room for years!!!!!
I would walk past it and say "hello spinning wheel"
and never take the time to play with her. (sigh)
I have been wanting to return to my spinning
for quite awhile now.
I want to create my own yarns for 
my Tapestry Weavings.
So today was the perfect day to begin.
I was shocked to see how much it was now worth $$$$$
It had definitely increased in value over the years!
I had a treasure and didn't even appreciate it.
So she got a lot of attention today
and a hand rubbing of Love and some Danish Oil!
What a joy it was to find my spinning rhythm again!

Trying to find my spinning rhythm again

I had been watching some Zentangle® artists
doing some amazing works with marbling the tiles
before drawing on them.
I was intrigued, watched a few You Tube videos
and decided to give it a try!
Here was my absolute favorite video I found.

Shave Cream with food colors

I just poured some shave cream (old fashioned kind!)
into a flat tray,
added some different food color dyes,
swirled the colors with a knife
and laid my papers face down,
I then used a flat cookie spatula to
wipe off the excess
and there was surprise underneath the foam.
What fun!
I created over 14 different tiles and a journal page yesterday!

Not bad for a playful afternoon!

I love the Zendala tiles from Zentangle®

Of course you know there is always
a Mandala nearby ... I created this one Sunday Evening,
by the fire of course!
I couldn't wait for the tile to dry ...
which was quickly by the way!
I wanted to get drawing immediately.

So Yes ...  I would say it was a very creative Sunday.
I always love trying something new,
and also returning to something old
and finding completion at the end of my day!

Always find the time to be creative

Hoping that your Thanksgiving holiday
will be one filled with Joy,
Love time with your family,
Delicious food,
and Blessing after Blessing!
Take the time to recognize 
all the good in your life,
I promise you it is there to find,
if only you will look for it.
take the time to be Thankful for it all!

Donna Lee