Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Things that are yummy!

Spring beauty!

How wonderful that today April 1st,
is the day I get to greet my computer
and come to write my blog post.
There is something special about a Wednesday morning!
Perhaps it is because I am off today,
I can concentrate on putting the thoughts in my head,
to the page on the blog,
perhaps it is smelling the
applesauce raisin cake baking in my oven,
or feeling the warmth from the fire
(even though it is springtime!)

There are so many wonderful
and yummy moments in our lives,
if only we would take the time
to enjoy and experience them!

I pride myself on seeking out moments
to enjoy, to pause, to learn
to just be still with myself.
Perhaps the art I choose to work on,
allows me to do that as well

 Small tapestry weaving of mine ... thread by thread

 Learning the Art of Calligraphy ... patience required

Drawing Zentangle in a coffee shop

Oh how I love creating my Mixed Media Mandalas

There are so many beautiful things around me,
I scarcely can take it all in.
When I do have moments to myself,
there is usually a quiet art that follows me,
perhaps it is because they teach me ...
the art of slowing down
 calmness of heart
how to center myself
being alone is okay
stillness is beautiful

Perhaps it is just seeing a movie by myself,
having coffee with girlfriends on the spur of the moment,
snuggling up to a good book,
writing a poem 
spending time in God's Word,
listening to soft music by Debussy,
writing a letter,
knitting a pair of socks
taking a walk at my beloved ocean
(this is truly the yummiest gift of all!)

The beautiful Outer Banks

Springtime has arrived
and now it is time to work in the garden,
planting my herbs and flowers
to enjoy all summer long!
Time to get the bird feeders well stocked,
it's going to be a beautiful season!

Backyard beauty

So on this beautiful first day of April,
grab some yumminess of your own,
be creative, be open
and share with me what you are doing,
I would love to hear.

Don't waste a moment,
living this life is a gift given ...
 we must recognize all 
the special moments we are given
Make happy yummy moments of your own
and recognize them when they happen!

Happy Easter Week
May your life be filled with love and laughter
and all beautiful things
I treasure you, my reader ...
thank you for stopping by today!

Donna Lee Zeppieri Wynn
(wow that's a mouthful!)