Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Finding the Beauty in my Life

My Antique Shop find
A treasure for my Calligraphy practice

It has definitely been a few weeks since I 
have come to my blog to write.
Since returning from Squam,
life has been busy in a very good way.
I taught a few Zentangle classes,
been adding pages to my altered book from my Squam,
I had family visiting from 
New Jersey and Myrtle Beach.
Reconnection with family is so important!
I've been practicing my Calligraphy daily,
and trying to finish knitting a pair of socks for myself.
I began my online Tapestry course
with the Amazing Rebecca Mezoff
(a gift I gave myself for the summer!)

Tapestry teaches me to slow down very easily

Summertime is always has a gentle reminder for me,
it comes in gently saying...
"Donna Lee ... slow down a bit,
take in the beauty,
rest your soul and your monkey mind,
find the beauty in your life."
I realize I don't have to do it all,
you can easily put things aside and they
will be waiting for you when you return,
whenever that may be!!!!

I am here to say I am listening!

In just a short time
I will be heading to the Outer Banks
for a week with my little family,
a yearly blessing of ours.
One week of slowing down,
appreciating the ocean,
family, nature and rest.
I am taking my Tapestry Loom with me,
and a journal for writing Poetry.

It always seems to me
that when I return to the Ocean,
I can regroup my thoughts and my life,
it's as if it is a drug fix for me,
I always returned centered and focused.
This year I plan to totally unplug
from social media too ...
which is hard for me since I am 
an Instagram junkie!

I plan on finding the beauty in my life,
in all things this summer.
I need a major fix ... a major slow down ...
a major refocusing of where I am headed.
I am planning on the OBX helping me with that.

In the meantime,
enjoy the summer beauty,
the smell of a rainstorm,
the sound of thunder rolling in,
pick veggies from your little garden,
lay in the sun and read a good book.
Nature is amazing and gives us so many gifts.
There is beauty all around you ...
you just need to look for it!

Taken in Manteo last week with my Cousin and his wife
Always finding beauty around me

I wish you peace
I wish you love
I wish you happiness in all things
I wish you the gift of contentment
and rest for your soul!

Donna Lee