Thursday, April 5, 2012


My Art table . . . full of goodiness

I have recently signed up for
Liz Lamoreux's online course
Poem It Out
This is a real stretch for me
and I wanted to spend time
learning and writing 
more poetry.
My precious friend
Jennifer Belthoff
of Giggling in the Rain
is taking this course as well,
and it gives me joy to know we are
sharing this together.
Her words go straight to my heart

every time I get to read them.

Each day Liz sends out

a lesson for the day,
she gives writing prompts

 to get you to think,
 to reach deep within.
  She also comes to you througha video to be right there with you.
Her voice is always so calming and peaceful.
She also shares an interview
 from another poet,
so we can learn and experience
what other poets have to say.
I am so excited to be here
for the next four weeks.

I anticipate those words that are deep inside
will begin to  flow freely.
Poetry is so very personal.
We also have a flicker page to share our photos,
my photo above went with my writing.

I decided to share my first poem with you,
so here goes . . . 

As I sit this morning, this very quiet morning
I yearn for time, any time
Where I can sit and play with my art,
It gently calls out to me
those brushes and paints of mine.
The blank pages say come
and play Donna Lee
come and let loose those creative
yearnings of yours.
I long to play and not have to work
I yearn for more creative time in my studio,
with just me and my creative self,
to just be here in the moment.

so there it is, straight from my heart.

Already this week I am learning
to be awere, to reach deep within,
to capture words and phrases,
to be open to what my inner girl
wants to say.
I am excited about what lies ahead.

Thank you Liz
for your beauty and strength,
but most of all for sharing your
passion of expression
for all that is surrounding us.

Words are a gift to us,
being able to express through words
is a journey from within.
Donna Lee