Friday, January 1, 2016

Renewal ... My Word for 2016

My first art journal entry of the year

My first blog post of 2016! 
May I first take the time to wish you well in this new year!
A time of new beginnings,
letting go of what wasn't working,
stepping into freshness,
where everything is new and hopeful!

As I look back on 2015,
I find it was a bit difficult for me.
I eagerly anticipate 2016
and bringing along a new beginning for me.

I recognize that I wasn't at my best.
My health took a slow turn, 
my neck issues kept me from my yoga practice,
and I missed it very much.
I didn't write as much Poetry . . .
and I yearned to put pen to page.

I was definitely creative,
I accomplished a lot artistically,
I taught so many art classes
and even attended a few awesome art retreats.
I made some wonderful connections too!
(filling up my own creative well)
I learned so many new things,
I'm learning to focus on what I am good at
and what truly gives me a sense of peace when I am creating.

 I found my way back to Tapestry Weaving,
which I am most happiest about.
I'm slowly working through
Rebecca Mezoff's online course.
I even brought my new "Gracie"
Dryad tapestry loom into my studio
(freighted here from Pennsylvania)
we are still getting to know to each other!

A few of my favorite moments

As I began the "Word of the Year" process,
I gently wrote down every word that came to mind,
over the process of the last few weeks.
I then scratched out some,
added a few more,
some remained on the list
and some went away, 
because they no longer felt right.


became my word.
It was perfect in every way.
I want renewal in the things I love the most in my life.
It is time for me to choose those things that matter most,
let go of time wasters, people drainers,
commitments that rob me of my joy.
Time for a new and creative year,
renewing what stirs my heart and soul!
I look forward to seeing where this all leads.

Do you have a new word?
Have you committed to something new this year?
What are you letting go of?
What do you need most in this new year?

I wish you a year of love and happiness
and all good things.
Reach down deep, find out what makes you stir,
follow your dreams,
listen to your still small voice,
trust yourself and step forward or away!

Donna Lee