Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Tuesday ...

Let's sit awhile and share a cup together

Yes today is my last Tuesday
of being 55 years old.
So I say ... on to another year!

I guess we all get a bit reflective 
when birthday time
rolls around,
I am truly no different than you!

I have just sat and reflected on how
wonderful the past year has been for me.
How I found myself creatively:

My Artistic Soul woke up
My Artwork truly took flight on its own
An Artful Spirit was launched
I now have facilitated two art workshops
Poetry and Writing became
a lifestyle for me
My Poetry was published
I have read my poems out loud to a crowd
I purchased a new awesome camera
Photography became a new passion
I have fallen in love with
the Art of Zentangle
I made a commitment 
to try and live creatively
each and every day
and I have!

So I say on to 56!!
I look forward to what will
be in store for me
for Donna Lee
is still a little girl at heart
loving her life
I step forward into another year 
full of promise
soon approaching grandmotherhood
something totally new to experience!
Life is such an incredible journey
each and every day.

I love the woman I have become,
it's taken many years and experiences
to get to this very spot.
But I am finally here!
So on this last day of being fifty five,
I embrace what lies ahead
bringing with me
life lessons learned.