Wednesday, June 15, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Eight / Outside the window

My studio view

This week was a fun photo project.  I took all kinds of views from the windows of my home and I had a hard time deciding exactly which one I wanted to choose; until this one kept speaking to me.
It is a view outside my studio window . . .
First the things that are hanging inside my window
looking at me everyday
are things that give me joy
and they are significant to me,
gifts from friends
or bought by me!
I especially love my gold ornament
I purchased from my friend and artist
Stephey Baker of Marked by the Muse
It is simply radiant!
I knew exactly where I would hang it!

As I look outside my studio I see a very
large Bay Tree that I planted over
fifteen years ago!  I had tried to grow
several plants
and had terrible luck
until a patient of mine, Dr. Hubbard
brought me a tiny sprig and said to me
"Donna, you won't have trouble growing mine!"
He was right!  Every time I look out that
window,  I remember him.
 The tree is hearty, beautiful and still growing.
Just how I want my life to be!

This window has a special place

in my heart because
 my studio used to be the bedroom of my two
wonderful and amazing boys.
I made it MY room when they were grown
(all mommies want a room of their own)

so my creative space is filled with precious energy.
I even remember those wonderful Christmas Eve nights
when we would look out that window for Santa Claus!
Time passes so quickly
especially as I post today, June 15th
My baby boy Drew's 28th birthday!!

So yes this window has quite significance to me
and the view from here is truly blessed!

Donna Lee

Monday, June 13, 2011

Letting go and moving forward

My weaving loom and friend of 25 years!

Last weekend I let go of my largest weaving loom! I had committed to sell her in December to a very precious and longtime friend.  The only stipulation was that I needed to hold it for a little while because they were building an addition to their house and didn't know where to store it.  That was fine with me and then the time came for my friend Leslie and her husband to come and take the loom to her new home!  Leslie and I share a love of fibers in knitting, especially socks, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and now she has wanted to begin her own journey in weaving!  I am so excited for her and my weaving had taken a turn to slowing down.  I knew I no longer needed two looms since I wasn't doing production weaving anymore.  I knew it was perfect timing in my life to let the loom go, and what comfort it is to know your precious weaving tool was going to a new home where she would be loved and not be sitting still anymore.  In my mind and heart I knew it was a good thing and I was ready to let go;  what I wasn't ready for was the emotions of letting go that came along with it!  This has been an interesting process for me this past week and I thought it would be a good post to write about.  

Transition and transformation, letting go of one thing and making room for something else isn't an easy thing to do!  I was reminded of that this week while having breakfast with a friend of mind.  She was right, I was letting go of a part of myself, a way of life I identified with for so long and I am making room for a new journey in my life.  Letting go is a hard thing to do, in my case, thinking of myself as just a fiber artist.  I have become so much more than that.  My artistic life has deepened into different avenues and I am even happier!  I have enjoyed the process of exploring new artistic adventures.  I am in love with collage work!!
My smaller loom that remains
There will always be threads in my life!
I had to think about all this for awhile and I came up with this.  I have not been weaving as actively for quite awhile now.  In fact I would pass the room by and see an empty loom sitting there, it seemed such a waste to me.  I have been drawn to my painting and collage work more.  It is what excites me when I go into my studio; it is what I want to create when I am there.  I will still have my small loom to create when I want to, of course, I couldn't completely give up something after all this time!  I have my spinning wheel when I want to spin for socks (which too needs to be used again!) and then there is my art table . . . full of brushes, paints, stencils, canvases, tools, glitter and inspiration, calling to me.

How lucky I am to have a room of my own, filled with all the creative toys that I have.  When I enter, who knows what I will create.  I know that I am in love with collage work, and I am now developing my own style.  It has been a combination of learning techniques from so many wonderful teachers.  I have learned to take a little of this and a little of that, put it together and use it for my own art work.  That is why they call it individuality!  So I leave you with my latest creation . . . Imagine.  It was quite a freeing experience to create this one for the fun of it after creating twelve pieces for the store that is selling my work.  It was inspired by Beth Nichols of Do What you Love for Life . . . I ask you today . . . What are you imagining for yourself today?
Imagine ... Doing what you love