Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My keys for successful living . . .

My keys for successful living . . .

I attended a beautiful family wedding
this past weekend in North Carolina
 and it was so inspiring!
Lots of vintage decorations were used
that carried meaning to the bride.
Everything was thought out with heart and love!
This door in fact was used at the altar
and belonged to her grandmother's farm house.
It had been kept in a barn for a
perfect day such as this.

Somehow I was drawn to the keyhole
while taking this picture
and the thought for a prompt
for my blog this week came to mind.

I truly believe my keys for successful living are ...

Living with a happy heart
Having a strong faith to guide me is important
I must find as much time to be creative as possible
Writing is a way of life ... it is important to get the words down on paper
Treat others as you would like to be treated
See the beauty in all things
Smiling is a gift we can give to others
Enjoy the simple things
Finding time to rest is good for the soul
Family love matters and it is a gift
Believing in yourself is crucial
Don't be so serious!
See yourself as a delight
Love yourself with all your might!

"Seeing the beauty"
So I will take my own words of advice,
with the season of summer now upon us,
I want each day to matter, just a little bit more!
Slow the pace down,
accomplish without stress
have plenty of time to hold
my little Annabelle in my arms.

By the way ...
I will have a precious little grandson
coming my way this October,
my other son Drew and his wife Lauren are expecting!
Life just keeps getting better and better,
for I am truly blessed.

Donna Lee