Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Puzzled Thoughts

Imagine a Dream
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My in laws have gotten me
hooked on puzzles!
Whenever we travel to 
Williamston, North Carolina
there is always a puzzle on the dining room table.
As we pass by the table,
we all add a piece here and there.
Laughing and celebrating when
just one piece is fitting into the puzzle!

I have come to really enjoy my own puzzles.
I love the time spent quietly fitting the pieces together,
relaxing and enjoying the process.
Sometimes it takes me weeks to figure it all out
and I find myself wondering
why in the world do I keep at it?
I don't have an answer,
I know it is good to keep my mind active.
Besides I like breaking away from my art table
every now and then,
I return to it refreshed and ready!

I find myself 
putting in a piece here and there
in the early morning hours,
with a fresh cup of coffee near by.
They have become a familiar friend to me.
Puzzles keep me intrigued and thinking
They work the mind with reasoning.
I need that for sure!

I know I have been able to work out
lots of thoughts in my head
just by working a puzzle.
It is good for one's soul,
just working in creative play.
I began putting puzzles together
because I have always been told
to keep the mind active
(for my mother had a journey with dementia)
I am determined that won't happen to me!

So the next time you find yourself
near a puzzle display at the store,
take a long look at all of the fun images
I promise you ... one will jump out at you.
Take it home and give it a try!
Break away from the computer, 
social media and your phones.
You won't be disappointed.

Donna Lee