Monday, July 23, 2012

My artist date

I had an amazing afternoon yesterday at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. I took my little self to the museum wanting to renew my spirit and it did just that.  I have been wanting to get away on a mini Donna retreat for quite sometime and couldn't figure out where to go or what to do.

Then I had the idea that I had this beautiful museum right in my backyard
(well just twenty minutes away)
why wasn't I spending more time there?
I took my trusty camera, my sketchbook and watercolors
and off I went for the afternoon.

I started first with a free soy latte from Starbucks
when I got to the museum
the entrance fee was free yesterday
and I spent $1.00 for a ten pack
of postcards
all in all I would say that was an inexpensive outing
but what I received in return
could not be measured!

As I walked through the galleries 
I was filled with inspiration, 
just being in the presence of such artistic greatness 
made my heart stir!
I took so many photos, because I was needing them for my two blogs
I am always looking for wonderful images to use with my poetry!

I was alone with just me
taking the time to sketch some memories
capture some images in photo
and watercolor a few vignettes
I can't tell you how renewing and refreshing the experience was

There were artist drawing stations throughout the museum
and I took the time to capture some of the symbols
I found in rugs and paintings
you know how I love to doodle
They provided all the supplies needed 
black construction paper, clip boards to walk around the museum
and white Prismatic colored pencils 
that was something I had never tried and I loved it

I encourage you to find yourself a place
to take a day trip
or an outing
somewhere you can retreat to for just a short time
breathe in all that is around you
and recognize that this is one of those moments
being alone with yourself
your thoughts
your art supplies
is a gift

Sometimes we can't always run off to weekend retreats
with amazing artists
but we can retreat right in our own
look for opportunities
to renew your spirit
you won't be disappointed
I am sure there is a poem brewing
in here somewhere!

Beauty is all around . . . just listen . . .  just see