Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grace and Gratitude

Is this not the most perfect sign?
I was visiting a garden show recently
and just had to snap this picture!

It got me to thinking . . .
Each and everyday do I try to live my life 
Grace and Gratitude?

In the busyness of our everyday lives,
we are losing touch with simple things,
forgetting what is important,
always looking to what comes next.

I went to Mr. Webster for meanings of these words ...
Grace:  a way of moving that is smooth and elegant
Gratitude:  a state of being or thankfulness

Summertime is such a perfect time of year
to slow down, enjoy life at a more gracious pace,
and live with a more grateful heart.
My senses are hightened around these words,
this way of life, this way of thinking.

I do try to live my life around grace
and I am truly grateful for each moment
in my life, whether good or bad,
for each are teaching moments for me.

Try practicing gratitude today,
see what comes up for you!
List all the things you can think of
in your journal that you are truly grateful for ...
right now in this very moment
I am so grateful for Wednesdays,
time with Annabelle ...
who is sleeping sweetly ... oh so sweetly
in her crib right now.
I always wonder where  do babies go in their sleep?
It must be a very happy place ...
for Annabelle always wakes up full of joy and smiles
ready for her grand mommy to give her some smooches!

Have a beautiful day today,
walk in grace and peace
talk with grace and love
act in grace and patience
I will too!