Friday, March 15, 2013

The Newness of Life

Delaney Elizabeth Watson

This week my niece had her second baby
a precious baby girl
while everyone was concentrating
on just how beautiful she was
(and she was)
I noticed her precious little toes 
sticking out of the blanket!
I just couldn't wait to touch them.

I took the above photo to capture that moment
in the hospital room
and all this week I have been thinking
about the newness of life.

How wonderful are new beginnings,
newness that opens up in our daily lives,
the excited feelings we experience
when something is brand new . . . 

a newborn baby
a new friendship
a new job
a new experience
a brand new puppy
a new art project
a flower blossom
a trip you have never taken before
a brand new book to read
a new class
a brand new sunrise
a new song to sing
a new journal that has never been written in
a blank canvas
a new knitting project

Newness in life is a very good thing!
Look around you at experiences of your own life 
and see something new,
let it have a freshness
all of it's own.
We get so bogged down from our
day to day living 
we forget to look for
new things.
They are out there
trust me on that!

Here comes spring . . . 
have you seen little beautiful buds 
beginning to find their way into the world yet?
Just look and see
you will find them
Have a beautiful weekend
and get out there
experience something
totally new for you!

donna lee