Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tangled Visions

A mixed media recent work of mine!

I've been teaching a lot of Zentangle lately,
and I am loving every minute of it.

It's hard to believe that I became
a Certified Teacher last fall,
and since returning home so many
teaching opportunities have opened up for me.

With each class I gain confidence, make new friends,
create beautiful works and grow deeper in love with
the creative process.
So many doors have opened up for me
and I love sharing this amazing art form with others!

I have been experimenting with other mediums 
 into my Zentangle work as well.
In the picture above ...
you can see that I used my watercolor in the piece!
(My other favorite art medium)
I blocked out where I wanted to Zentangle,
and painted the rest!
When dry, I was able to add Zentangle designs
into the piece!
I have an original work of art for sale 
here in my Etsy Shop!

I entitled this blog post Tangled Visions,
because I am beginning to see my world even more closely,
observing opportunity and learning new lessons
always open hearted and wide eyed. . .
(in fact I am considering changing the name of my blog!)

What I see ...

Life isn't always as easy as we want it to be
We must listen to our inner voice
We must recognize new opportunities as they come along
At times we have to step away from what is
Everyday is different
Loving others truly matters
You must trust the process ... whatever it is
Slowing ourselves down is crucial
Living simply and without want is true living
The heart always knows the way
Taking care of self is crucial
This life of ours is truly a gift

I hope that your Wednesday is amazing!
Thank you for showing up here

Donna Lee