Saturday, April 27, 2013

Creating Zendalas

Using metallic watercolors


I have been creating with doodling and Zentangle
for quite some time now,
I am just fascinated with how it all unfolds.

Zentangle is a process of meditative drawing,
usually starting with a small dot in the center
and working outward, one step at a time.
It creates a calmness, a certain patience
and it teaches you to slow down,
be alone with your thoughts
and just let the process unfold.

I was first introduced to creating Zendalas
(a mixture of Zentangle and Mandala art)
from Dion Dior
an incredibly talented artist
who I took a workshop through with 21 Secrets in 2012.
It was called Wisdom Circles.
She is now offering it as a small eCourse
through her website.

Here is a sampling of some of my work through
her guidance and instruction:

A recent work still in progress

 Watercoloring each section!

 Using a metallic watercolor background
then drawing on top of it

 More watercolors then drawn

Circular watercolor background

The example below is completed
on an official Zendala tile,
it was so much fun to create.
I love trying new techniques with Zentangle drawing.

Mr. Owlie!

There are so many different
interpretations of this art form today
(for that is what truly makes it all so unique).
No Zentangle is exactly alike,
 for each of us have our own handwriting style,
drawing techniques and personality.
Just look at Pinterest and you will see that
Zendalas have become quite popular. 
You can check out my personal board here . . . 
there are so many beautiful examples there.

I have fallen in love with this art form
and I encourage you to give it a try.
I will be teaching a class in this technique
 at my next Artful Spirit Workshop
in July!

I look forward to sitting with my pens,
watercolors and blank paper.
I find myself making time for this each day.
Time passes so quickly when I am sitting still
creating my zendalas.

It is a relatively inexpensive art form,
a set of watercolors, some good Micron Pens,
pencils, a compass and ruler,
 good paper, and your intuition . . .  that's it!
It is portable too!
I always carry a little Zendala kit with me,
for I never know when an opportunity to draw
will pop up for me!

I wish you peace, well being and lots of creativity!
May Zentangle find it's way onto your
Art wanna do list!!!

Donna Lee