Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feeling Sentimental with Knitting

In less than two weeks I will be attending my son's wedding.  These are happy times for our family and I am looking forward to it very much.

Each time I pick up my knitting it has become a quiet time of reflection.  Knitting gives us such a place of contentment, reflection, harmony and rest.  I honestly feel that whenever I have my needles in my hand.

This is truly an art of love and time.  Those who do not knit honestly can't appreciate the amount of time that goes into a knitted piece, maybe some do, but not many!!  Only fellow knitters understand the gift of  love and time that surrounds a knitted piece.  That is not why I knit.  I love spending time creating something for myself or a loved one.  I love the fact that when I get the rare opportunity of time to sit, knit and not be disturbed,  I will be going off into a quiet zone that no one else can join me!  The piece before me begins to grow and I am learning all the time.  My first Ishbel lace scarf has certainly taught me patience.  It is coming along now and with each new knitted row, I can see the lace design popping through.  When I am creating a piece for someone else, I love praying over that piece for that individual; their life and their family.  It is part of the gift they receive when the piece is completed.  It is especially wonderful when I am knitting little baby booties.  I love praying for that little life that is ready to come into the world;  that to me  is a very special feeling.

So as I pour through pictures to scan for my son's wedding and stumble across the cable knitted sweaters I made for my boys, I have become extremely sentimental about knitting today.  Knitting has been a part of my life as long as I can remember!  It isn't until recently that I have fallen in love with it the way I have.  I know that it has gotten me through some very rough times sitting with two very ill parents in the past few years.  It has given me much joy sitting with girlfriends in a knitting group or taken me to some wonderful shops and festivals and it brought me to the wonderful online community of Ravelry.

I will continue to knit and continue to love my quiet place where I go to knit when everything else is happening around me.  While I am knitting, I will keep reflecting on all the good things in this life;  the blessings of children and family and friends.  Each day is truly a gift, it is up to us as to what we do with it....I know for me somewhere in my day a pair of knitting needles and of course my yoga mat are trailing closely!