Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Much Needed Simplicity . . .

Current needlework project

I feel the extreme need at this time in my life
to live with a more simplistic pace.
I have been in a major pursuit these past few weeks
to purge out my studio, clean, simplify,
get rid of unneeded "stuff"
and simply concentrate on what
gives me a sense of pleasure,
a sense of peace
and a calming of my heart.

Our lives can get so complicated
with saying "yes" to more than we should,
working, family demands, "television",
time wasters (social media for one!)
difficult relationships
and so much more.
So for me, and I only speak for me,
I choose to say change needs to happen.
I started in my studio . . . donated books to the library
that I no longer interested me,
gave away art supplies I no longer wanted,
threw away clutter and yes even old art projects!
I asked myself the tough question . . .
"What do I really want to do with the little free time that I have??????"
I only kept what would make me happy.
I now enter my art studio with a sense of

I have scaled down my art supplies,
looked at my "talents"
and decided just what it is that makes me happy,
and concentrate on those arts.
Let's face it, we all want to do everything, right??
We can't ... art adventures cost a lot,
require a lot,
and we just can't do everything that we see out there.
I do believe social media has made it harder for us,
we are seeing what everyone is doing on a daily basis
and we want to jump in and tackle it too!
I fell into the trap too, believe me!

I always return to my weaving ... can't wait to play with this one

So for me I want to continue my passion
for watercolor painting and sketching,
tapestry weaving and my needlework.
There will always be a Zentangle® pen in my hand.
Trust me, there still isn't enough time to do even that!
I actually have three or four needlework projects
going right now,
I love the stillness that holding the linen and needle gives me.

My current needlework palette

My life is full and as I am reaching for 60 years young
this summer,
I want my life to be rich, rested, fully engaged
and loving what each day brings my way.
As you know I have three grand babies (right now)
and soon number four will be here!
Annabelle and Grayson are old enough now
to come into their Grandmommy's studio
and play,
all the while I hope I am instilling in them
a love for being creative.
My little Dylan will get there shortly!
I want to enjoy every minute of their little lives!

 Annabelle weaving at the loom in her Cinderella Dress

Grayson creating a masterpiece in my art journal

So for now I choose to slow down,
enjoy life as it comes each day,
never dreading or wasting a moment!
In order to do that ... I need Simplicity
in all that I do and in all that I AM!
Summer is here,
my fourth grandchild will be here in a matter of weeks,
my n-laws are aging and need my help,
demands are everywhere I turn.
Finding those quiet moments will be difficult,
but oh life is so rich right now!
I truly believe that not having as much,
or doing as much
will walk me through the busy times.

This week I ask you to take a look at your own life,
what can you purge away?
Look for moments to live simply,
it may just be cutting off the awful news everyday.
Think of just one thing you can do
to simplify your life.
Choose only the things that satisfy your heart,
calm your spirit
let you just breathe.
I promise you won't regret it.

My three munchkins and hubby,
life doesn't get any better than this!

May your life be full of joy and grace,
may you walk with a lighter step this week,
may your find ways in your own life
to live simply!

Donna Lee