Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taking a Rest ...

Seeing the simple beauty in things
(Photo taken at the beautiful Sanderling Inn, OBX)

Well it is Wednesday
and that is always my blog post day,
today it feels different.
I have a routine ... while my precious
little Annabelle naps,
I write my blog post,
sipping green tea and just being present,
somehow the words always come.

Yes today it is the same routine,
but I am writing knowing that it is time to
take a break,
a blog break.
My life message lately is to slow myself down,
be quiet, commit less and to get my house in order.

I have just begun a new work schedule,
after 41 years of working in the eye care field,
I am dropping my work days to just three days!
How exciting is that!!!!!

I want to use the time wisely
and the message I keep receiving is to go deep within,
slow myself down, create more just for pleasure,
write more and just be ...
If we don't slow down,
cut the computer and television off,
how do we hear what is deep inside?

I have a second grand baby due in October,
my son Drew and his wife Lauren
are expecting their first child,
a little boy.
I anxiously await his arrival!

One week from today,
I am leaving on a jet plane
Providence, Rhode Island
to attend Squam in the City.
(Keeping my fingers crossed the whole time baby isn't extremely early!)
I am excited to be creative
reconnect with precious friends
and of course make new ones!

Fall is my favorite time of year,
it is a time that I remind myself
that I am truly ready for a change,
a life renewal,
a calming of the heart,
a slowing down process,
a listen to my inner self time,
I am ready for it!

So I will see you when I know it is time to return,
when I feel called to return to this
sacred space of mine!
How I love blogging,
writing and sharing with you.

So in the meantime ...
be well, be happy, take good care of yourself
and listen to your inner nudges,
they won't lead you astray!
You can't hear them guiding you
if you are too busy,
we all need time for a self check!

Beauty is all around us!
(Photo taken on an afternoon stroll with my little Annabelle Lily)

Donna Lee
Living creatively each and everyday!