Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Walking Through Change

Entry way found on a photo walk in Providence, RI

I have been walking through some changes lately
and I must say
it takes some getting used to!

Why is Change always such a hard thing to adjust to?
Letting go of some things, or should I say
the way things have always been ...
and stepping into new is taken some adjusting for me.
I have cut my working hours at Gilbert Eyecare,
to help care for my precious grand babies,
with no regrets at all.
We are still searching for a church home,
after leaving a church after 14 years.
My artwork has taken on some changes,
and things that used to interest me,
no longer do.
I have let go of collaging, some art journaling,
mixed media and weaving
in order to concentrate on art techniques
that calm my heart.

When we enter into this art world,
we truly think we can do it all,
we spend lots of time in art stores,
spend hard earned money to buy the supplies,
only to let them go later,
because they no longer interest us,

Our tastes are constantly evolving,
our interests are changing daily,
friendships come and go,
experience come in and out of our lives,
we remember the wonderful high
we carry home with us from art retreats,
only to find that feeling slipping away 
as we settle into real life again!!!
Then we find our attention goes toward something 
new something exciting...on to the next adventure.
There are so many e-courses out there
catching our attention
in fact, it's an overload lately.

So for myself,
I have stepped back in 2015,
concentrating on what calms my heart and mind,
being choosy about about how I spend my time,
how I spend my money and my efforts.
Being choosy is a good thing!
Here it is the beginning of March,
so it is time to check in with myself,
How have I been doing these past two months???

Working less,
caring for my grand babies,
writing poetry,
teaching Zentangle and Creative Writing
learning Calligraphy just because ...
letting my watercolors flow
is just the perfect mix for me!
It was hard for me to let go of working full time,
being an Optical Manger,
making daily decisions ...
yet here I stand
Walking through Change
and I like it.
Learning to slow the pace down,
concentrating on what I now need ...
it's really good stuff!
I'm not gonna say it's all been easy,
but necessary.

There is Power in just allowing change to happen

You don't have to do it all,
you don't have to have it all,
you don't have to be into everything,
just let your life unfold,
gently and naturally
watch what happens,
and be content with it all.
I stand here grateful for learning lessons,
lessons I needed to embrace!

Creating just for the fun of it!

Donna Lee