Monday, September 19, 2011

Layered Impressions

This past week was pretty exciting for me . . . I began my new online course Layered Impressions with Katie Kendrick.  I had signed up for this awhile ago, gathered my art supplies and eagerly anticipated its arrival date!  I love having a reason to visit my local Jerry's Artarama!  On Monday of this past week, the course did not disappoint in any way.  I decided that I wanted to share my work with you, raw as it is. The more I look at my faces that I completed the more I am liking them!  I am not comparing my work with any other classmate, just enjoying the creative process, it feels so good to free myself.  Working on these faces were only the first art exercise, I haven't even finished my collage face yet!

all of my creative faces

Katie had us using old phone book pages and drawing with our left hands, getting a creative release.  Her course has lots of info, links and videos.  It is like having her as your private instructor right in your very own studio.  This first exercise was about just freeing yourself, not worrying about the finished piece being perfect, but learning to just play and create.  As Katie said . . . no judgements!!!

left hand drawing

my first creation

I like learning new things, and stepping out of the box.  I have been working so hard on getting my Etsy shop opened, that just relaxing and playing just hadn't been in the cards for me.  Anytime I can get into my studio, get paints in hand, I consider it a beautiful day.  In creating these phone book page faces, we drew with a marker, or paintbrush, we did image transfer, or glued the pages to hot pressed paper with gel medium.  We accented colors with watercolor crayons and gesso, and began blending.  Each face, even though I drew them pretty much alike with my left hand, came out differently and took on a personality of their own!  I just enjoyed the process of it all, thank you Katie, you are so gifted.

(I think this blondie is Donna Lee)

Can't wait to see what is in store this week!  I have admired Katie's work for so long and being able to learn from all she has to teach us is indeed a privilege.  I can't wait for her book, to come out in the near future.  I encourage you to hurry and pre-order it now, it will be a wonderful addition to your creative library.

The name of this e course is Layered Impressions . . . it got me to thinking about my life and all the things I layer onto my days and my life . . . work, friends, needs of others, sickness, chores, obligations, thoughts, demands and so many things that tug at our energy every day.   I am determined to balance it all as best as I can.  I always want to find time to be with me and my creative self, it is so important and helps me to be the person that I am today.  Art is saving . . . Art is love . . . Art is sustaining . . . Art creates balance . . .  Art is energy . . . good energy! Calling myself an Artist is a compliment of all good things!!!!  Creating art in my life is a gift I keep re-opening, over and over again!  So my words to you:
                        B A L A N C E &  R E T R E A T,  P A I N T & C R E A T E