Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What has my attention lately!

A treasure found while visiting Edenton, NC

Well I certainly let a whole week go by without posting!
I told myself in January I would try to post
regularly, every Wednesday on my blog.
I made to March 29th, 2017!

One thing I have learned for sure,
is that life is full of unpredictable moments!
Moments that take your breath away,
Moments that occupy your time in ways you never dreamed of,
Moments that just fly by.
Moments that keep you from accomplishing
all that you want and need to!

I have been weaving a lot lately,
I am currently weaving on my beloved Mirrix loom
and creating a Tapestry Woven Pouch Necklace.
I am blogging from start to finish
for the Mirrix Loom Blog,
this project is amazing
and the hand painted silks are beautiful
to work with,
I am having a wonderful and creative time.
The first post is posted on the Mirrix Loom Blog,
you can follow my journey HERE . . .

Currently on my Mirrix

Adding in some Beads

I have been reading a lot of blog posts
about building your own pipe loom,
either from copper or galvanized pipe!
The weaving community is so generous
and always sharing knowledge with each other,
for that I am truly grateful!

My weaving mentor, teacher and friend
Rebecca Mezoff
wrote a great post HERE ...
So I went to the hardware store
and bought what I needed ...
if you want to know exactly what to buy,
HERE is the link that Tommye Scanlin so generously shared!
I actually bought the pipe pieces about a month ago,
and have just gotten around to building it on my day off today!

I thought it was going to be overwhelming,
but opening the pipe pieces
actually took longer than building the loom itself!!!
Cleaning the scanner price tags
took longer than building the loom!

So here is the finished product!
Tightened up with my hubby's strong hands
and a really good wrench!!!

My finished loom

So I immediately wanted to get a warp on the loom,
I used my 12/6 cotton seine
sett at 8 ends per inch
I plan on weaving a small tapestry diary
and getting used to the loom.

I am totally in love with Washi Tape,
so I marked off inch and half inch increments on my tape
and then added it to the loom.

Setting at 8 ends per inch

So as you can see Tapestry has gotten
a lot of my attention lately,
and I think that is a good thing.
In order to do anything well, we must spend time with it.
Sometimes I spread myself too thing,
doing way too many things.

This morning was quiet, the birds were singing,
the breeze was blowing through the window
and I was weaving before work.
Thoughts often come to me while weaving,
this morning in honor of National Poetry Month,
I wrote a poem on Tapestry!
It was a very good morning indeed!

Poem Writing while Weaving

May your week be filled with
love, creativity, happiness and joy!
Thanks for being here

Donna Lee