Thursday, August 25, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Eighteen / A profile or silhouette

My wonderful father-n-law
Jack Wynn

This week's challenge made me stop and think for a little while.
I kept thinking that my photo would be some side shot of a self portrait I had taken
recently during You are Your own Muse E-course.
Nothing seemed to work for me.

But then I came upon this photo of my father-n-law.
We were in the Outer Banks in the fall last year,
a time I love to be down there.  
When the flood of tourists have come and gone,
the beautiful beaches are more serene and quiet
and there is definitely more privacy.

My father-n-law Jack Wynn was struggling to walk 
and we are always careful where we take him 
to make sure it is easy for him to move around.
He goes like a trooper and never
wants to miss a family moment.
My husband Jimmy had found this hand carved walking stick
and we had given it to him for Christmas.
He took that stick with him down to the ocean.
 While we were all running around the beach,
collecting shells, playing and goofing,
I remember glancing over at my father;
he didn't know I was looking at him,
 he was having a private moment,
all to himself,
pondering what was before him.
I saw only beauty.

I love this photo I was able to capture!
Jack Wynn is an obedient man of God
the leader of our family,
loving, gentle, speaks only with wisdom
 and oh how he loves his family!!
I have been in this Wynn family for 34 years now
and what a loving gift he has been to me.
I have been blessed in this life to have
two wonderful daddy's.
Life just doesn't get any better than that!