Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Setting Intentions ...

Funny thing about Intentions ...
we set them for the present moment
and then life moves in and off we go!

I love attending a retreat 
and being asked to set my intention for the experience,
it helps me to slow down and focus on the moment.
Sometimes ... just sometimes ... the intention we set our minds on
doesn't even happen ... something more glorious turns out!
Every time I am able to step onto my yoga mat,
I am asked to set my intention for the class.
When we hold our Artful Spirit Workshops,
we always start with intention settings,
it helps us to leave the world behind
and focus on the experience at hand.

Intention:  the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose
(Websters Dictionary)

I think every time we sit down to do a creative project
we should set an intention and ask ourselves a few questions:
what do I hope to learn from this?
how much time should I devote to my art practice today?
will I be sharing my techniques with others?
how does this project make me feel?
am I happy here in this moment?
what do i hope to learn here today?

I also love creating an intentional space
when I start to create something.
I love lighting a candle,
playing my favorite music,
lighting incense
and preparing my heart for what I am about to do.
I want the space around me to be beautiful
and in harmony with the creative process.
It all affects the completed outcome.
I think that is why I am so in love with Zentangle,
it is mindful and intentional drawing,
it soothes my spirit

It's good to remind myself, here in the month of June,
halfway through the new year,
for Intentional was my word of the year!
I feel I have been doing very well with it.

So think about walking with Intention this week,
whether in your workplace, creative space, family space
or just life space.
Keep in mind the thoughts and feelings you come across.
Living intentionally, step by beautiful step
is a process we learn to grow into.
I'm not all the way there yet,
but I'm pretty darn close,
and it feels so right!

I wish you blessings in your life this week ...
walk lightly
speak truthfully
love others
take care of your precious self

Donna Lee