Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grateful for Snow Storms

I baked a Homemade Applesauce Raisin Cake 

Virginia Beach had its first snow storm for 2017
They called it Blizzard Helena
We got about 8 - 10" of snow
and for Virginia Beach
that is pretty amazing!

I was in the house for four days,
didn't drive or go anywhere . . .
I must say it was like heaven.
How blessed I was to slow myself down,
and have more time than I knew what to do with!
So thank you Miss Snowstorm
for giving me the gift of rest.

You always think you have more time than you think,
and oh the many projects you will get done while house bound.
I did a lot at first;
then just gave into the easy feeling of doing whatever I wanted!
It was pretty magical for sure.
I cleaned closets and cabinets,
re-organized my make up,
baked yummy foods,
took lots of naps (yes I did!)
threw away unwanted "stuff"
and so much more.

I even started a new stitching project,
A needlework case by Beth Twist,
I love her work a lot!
She is coming to Tidewater in April 2017,
to teach her first stitching retreat for
Dyeing to Stitch
(my favorite needlework store here in VB)
and I want to complete this before her workshop!

My newest project

I began a new Tapestry on my
Hokett Loom I got for Christmas.
Twining was my first layer,
it takes some patience to get it right!
Tapestry Weaving is definitely not an art
to dive into if you don't have the patience
to slow your little self down!

The warping process is so important

I was inspired from a watercolor card
I purchased in the Outer Banks
by the amazing Chris Haltigan,
I love her work!
I had the privilege years ago to have
a private painting lesson with her,
she is amazingly gifted.

My tapestry inspiration

Anything can be inspiration for a Tapestry Weaving,
I had found mine!
I am taking the Little Looms class 
so this would be my class project.
I matched my wools using
18/2 wool from Weavers Bazaar,
made my warp sett at 12 pi
and began the process.
I am excited to see the outcome of this piece.

Just beginning to weave

I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and
 weave a mini tapestry,
one a month for the year of 2017,
(my own version of a Weaving Diary)
I would like to create small tapestries,
each the same size . . .
that was inspired by something I saw
on my daily journey.
I would like to journal about each project, or write a poem 
and at the end of the year,
have some pretty sweet little tapestries to keep!
Let's see if I can do it!
It will be a true discipline for sure!
I was inspired by my own Tapestry teacher Rebecca
who wove a tapestry "a day"
while she was an Artist in Residence
this past year,
WOW her work was amazing.
You can catch it here if you would like to see her work ...

I had an idea many years ago that I would
write 100 poems, one a day for a 100 days,
and use my own photography to go along with the poem,
I did it, published the book for myself
and created a blog while doing so,
you can still find it here!

So my friends, I can definitely
create a small work of tapestry art each month,

My word for the new year is DEEPEN,
so I decided to remind myself of that
while playing in the snow . . .
that is a totally serious word to live up to this year!

Playing in the snow

I found this sweet twig in my front yard,
slowing being tossed about by the snow and wind,
but not getting buried by the snow.
It was a sweet reminder for me ...
There is beauty everywhere, if only you will look for it.
It wasn't getting buried by circumstances, only standing strong!

My photo moment during storm

So here is to the rest of your week!
May it be filled with moments of rest,
love, discovery and happiness.
Me and My girl Josie wish you all the best!

Just us Wynn girls playing after the storm

Until next time,
Donna Lee