Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just Knitting in between life moments

I have been knitting it seems my whole life ...
I learned when I was just a little girl
from two very special little senior ladies.

It seems to be the constant I carry with me
in between my life moments,
whenever I need to slow myself down,
grab a minute of creativity,
calm myself down during a stressful time,
knitting has always been the friend I bring along with me.

Moments of sitting with my parents,
through their illnesses and life journey,
laughing with my sister and trying a new pattern together,
knitting baby booties for precious newborn feet,
learning a new stitch
trying my hand at lace shawls,
and I can't not mention
the wonderful pairs of socks I have knit
over the years.

Knitting is the "new yoga" they say,
well I call it
"calmness on two needles"
I have worked out many problems
while knitting,
calmed my heart and fears,
and found myself in a 
sincere state of zen
while holding my needles in my hands.

I am enjoying my latest project,
The Holden Lace Shawl
and it is really turning out beautifully!
I am using a natural grey yarn from my
favorite yarn company
and taking my time to just
enjoy the knitting process,
I'm in no hurry to finish it.
How I love the feel of the yarn in my hands,
and as the shawl continues to progress,
how I love the feeling in my lap
while I am knitting.

So right now I have been knitting
between Annabelle's sweet naptime,
another precious life moment.
I am already thinking about what I can
knit for my sweet grand daughter 

Wishing you sweet moments in your walk of life,
happiness at every turn,
creative moments whenever you can grab them,
love, hugs and wishes
for a beautiful life!

Donna Lee