Thursday, October 20, 2016

Checking in with Myself!

Looking for tiny moments of Joy

It is now the season of Fall . . .
Just a few months left in this amazing year!
I always consider this time of year 
as a time to check in with myself,
re-evaluate and step back just a bit.
I love that there is a crisp feeling in the air,
Leaves are changing colors all around me,
I can open my windows at night and hear
the beautiful sounds of nature.

October is almost over
and here we step quickly into the Holiday Season,
it's right around the corner folks!
I must say I dread the busyness of the next few months,
it's all about what we have to get done,
who we have to buy for,
hurry, hurry and hurry some more.

So I took the time to re-visit
my WORD for the year,
How appropriate for me this time of year!

The world is such a loud and noisy place,
it is good to be reminded to turn Inward.
Re-evaluate our priorities,
slow down for a bit
and concentrate on what is truly important.
There are just a few months left of this year
and I ask myself how did I do with my 
Word for the year?
I think pretty darn well.

I have learned that in this life,
we are constantly changing.
People come and go in our lives,
we walk in and out of relationships,
we hold on to certain things with a strong grip,
we are learning each and everyday we live.
So I guess we are constantly renewing
our hearts and minds.
We need to look at all the opportunities that come our way 
and actually see that we can grow from each one!
They are all teaching moments.

I was featured recently on the Squam Website with
Elizabeth's Morning on the Dock Podcast Series.
What an honor that was for sure!
She asked thought provoking questions,
and I answered with an open heart.
It was as though we were sitting in her amazing living room
just chatting over a cup of herbal tea!
You can find it here . . .
I think everyone needs an Elizabeth in their life,
and know her the way I truly know her.
What a gift it is to truly share a friendship with this woman!
I so appreciate her guiding me along my creative life path.
This podcast kinda explains what this blog post is all about today!

So as November fast approaches
and the Holidays draw near,
just take the time to breathe in Nature,
breathe in Stillness,
breathe in Opportunity
and let go of unneeded stuff in your life.
Find regular moments of solitude
to keep yourself in check.

I love watching my little grandchildren growing up,
they are teaching me something new every day.
Especially about love, acceptance and discovery!
They are now 3, 2 and 1
(how precious is that!)

Grayson Blake

Dylan James and Annabelle Lilly

This is the perfect time to check in with yourself,
change the things you can
accept the things you can't change.
Allow yourself this freedom.
We can't rely on the "resolutions"
we wrote down in the beginning of the year,
for we are constantly evolving.

May your day be filled with joy today
as you walk your own path.
I'm so glad you stopped by today!

Donna Lee