Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Heart Thoughts on a Wednesday

Step through moments of opportunity
(photo taken at The Hermitage Museum
Norfolk, Virginia)

Sometimes the heart is full of stuff
it doesn't know how to handle it all

Every day is a gift ...
we must choose to live it out carefully

We need to always look for
opportunities to learn and grow

Seek out times of quiet solitude
it is good for the soul

Cherish conversations with others,
you may not get another one
chance to listen

Quit wasting time
on things that aren't important

Find time for solitude,
it is good to be with yourself
and only YOU!

Writing helps on so many levels
always keep pen and paper nearby

You don't have to do it all
You don't have to know it all
you certainly don't have to BE all
just love YOU

Donna Lee