Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How do you see yourself?

Just playing around!

This past Sunday I was able to
attend a Calligraphy Workshop
with the sweetest teacher
It was an afternoon of cocktails, cupcakes and calligraphy,
filled with fellowship, sharing, laughing and inspiration!
I enjoyed the experience so much
and learned a lot from Amy!
She is amazing!
The afternoon was a gift I gave myself.

So happy to have this photo with Amy

As I was leaving the workshop,
I saw this amazing mosaic mirror
and couldn't resist taking a picture!
Don't we all love taking selfies from time to time?

All week I had lots of ideas for my blogpost today,
but somehow the question
"How do you see yourself?"
just kept coming into focus for me.
So I decided to write about it today!

It isn't an easy question,
and sometimes, on certain days,
I certainly don't want to answer that question!
What do I see when I look at myself?
A soon to be 58 year old grand mommy,
a wife and mother, a semi-retired Optician,
a friend, sister, poet, artist and teacher,
a child of God,
and a positive and loving person!
I feel that I'm living a pretty balanced life
right at this moment,
and it all feels delicious!!

It is important to re-evaluate 
how we are doing from time to time,
check in with yourself ... see if there are any imbalances!
Trust me, your body will let you know,
your mind will send you signals,
and your heart will always know the way!

Life is a balancing act,
each and every day
Don't ignore taking care of yourself,
take time to nourish your spirit,
it is so important.
If you see yourself in a positive light,
you can then be ready to give to others,
trust me ... others need you!

How do you see yourself?
We can always look at the negative side of things,
and no good can come out of it.
Take time to "take a selfie"
Write down all the positive things you can think of
about your beautiful self,
concentrate on those characteristics,
NOT the bad things going on in your life.
You may just be surprised at the list you come up with!

This beautiful spring season,
I wish you joy and abundance,
happiness in all things,
most of all
I wish you peace and understanding!
Love yourself today!

Donna Lee