Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Sketch Class with Alisa Burke

A new creative summer adventure for me . . . 

My favorite Canson mixed media journal!
Purchased just for this experience.

This summer I have had the pleasure of relaxing
and creating with Alisa Burke
with her 
Each day for thirty days
there is a new post on a private class blog 
with something creative to learn
She is truly Amazing!!!!
I have been working on each lesson daily
and I am thrilled with what I have learned so far!

I have taken so many of Alisa's online classes.
She makes you feel so comfortable,
she teaches so much of her own style
and shares such inspirations with you!
I do love spending time learning with her.
I encourage you to visit her blog,
it is truly amazing.

This summer has been slower for me and I am
enjoying each day receiving a new post,
learning something new and trying it out,
 filling a page in my journal
and playing with my art supplies!
It just makes me a happy girl.

Here are just a few of the lessons
I have learned so far:

Masking it off

Doodle Collaboration (with my hubby)

 Exploring lines with things from nature

Embellishing a line

 Starting with a splat of paint

Working in small scale

White on Dark

 Free Write

 Collaged background

Repeated patterns

 Color Study

Blind contour drawing

I have many lessons more to go
and the learning is fun and easy,
just what I needed for the summertime!
I wanted to keep creating during
the summer months,
but in a simple and non-complicated way,
this course is perfect for me!

I just finished this piece from the
mask it off lesson,
I love it,
how about you?

I hope you are doing something creative 
during your summertime.
I know it is harder with kids at home,
vacations and family all around you.
Please don't push your creativity aside
and think you will get to it later.

Creativity needs to be nurtured
all of the time!
I know for me it is a part of who I am now.
Make time to be a creative soul,
you won't regret it!

Sending you creative blessings along the way
Donna Lee