Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thoughts for entering September

"Reminders for Fall"

Summer flew by way too quickly
here we are into September
and the temperatures are changing,
my mindset is shifting
and I am ready for what Fall has to offer.

My summer was filled with beautiful moments,
a week in the Outer Banks with my family,
lots of Zentangle Classes,
writing classes with Senior Adults,
had a wonderful Artful Spirit experience,
re-connected with my hot yoga practice,
Wednesdays with my little Annabelle,
stolen moments to Sandbridge Beach,
watching my future grandson
grow in his mommy's tummy,
lots of fun moments with friends and family,
it was as it should be.

Now it is time to shift into Fall,
this is my favorite time of year.
I will be attending Squam in Providence in just a few weeks,
and I am excited about re-connecting
with precious friends,
taking lots of pics with my camera
and learning collage from a new teacher!
I have lots of Zentangle classes
on my calendar
and I eagerly await the birth
of my new little grandson
near October 19th!!

It's time to breathe slowly,
feel the gentle breezes flowing through,
open up the windows in my home,
listen to the sounds of nature,
observe nature as it changes,
I look forward to the seasonal time of year.
With fall comes change,
my heart and soul are ready.

I hope you will take the time to slow down,
enjoy your surroundings,
create beautiful things,
appreciate change,
it's all around!

Donna Lee